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Alloy 601 (Inconel 601)

Alloy 601 (Inconel 601)

ALLOY601 is a solid solution strengthened Ni-Cr-Fe alloy with additions of Al + Ti

outstanding resistance to oxidation at high temperatures
good resistance to carburizing conditions
good mechanical properties at both room and elevated temperatures
good resistance to stress-corrosion cracking

Alloy 601 is specifically recommended for service above 550 ‹C (1022 ‹F) because of higher creep-rupture properties, resulting from controlled carbon content and coarse grain size.

Corrosion resistance
ALLOY 600 is a heat resistant alloy on account of its excellent resistance above 550 ‹C (1022 ‹F) against hot gases and combustion products, as well as against molten salt and molten metal corrosion, while at the same time exhibiting good mechanical short-time and long-term properties. Even under severe conditions, such as under cyclic heating and cooling, Alloy 601 retains a tightly adherent oxide layer which is very resistant to

Resistance to carburization is good. Alloy 601 has also shown good resistance in carbonitriding conditions, if a sufficiently high oxygen partial pressure is present.


ALLOY601 has found a wide variety of applications in industries as diverse as thermal and chemical processing, pollution control and power generation.

Typical applications are:

trays, baskets and fixtures for heat treatment plant
refractory anchors, strand-annealing and radiant heater tubes, high-velocity gas burners, wire mesh belts in industrial furnaces
insulating cans in ammonia reformers and catalyst support grids in nitric acid production
components in exhaust gas systems
combustion chambers in solid waste incinerators
tube supports and ash-handling components
components of waste-gas detoxification systems
oxygen preheaters