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Alloy X (Hastelloy X)

Alloy X (Hastelloy X)


The high-temperature alloy X is a matrix stiffened nickel-chromium-molybdenum-iron alloy with cobalt and tungsten additions.
Excellent oxidation resistance up to 1200 ‹C (2190 ‹F)
high-temperature strength
good formability and weldability
good resistance to stress corrosion cracking

Corrosion resistance

ALLOY@X shows excellent oxidation resistance up to 1200 ‹C (2190 ‹F) and can also be used in neutral as well as in reducing atmospheres. 
ALLOY@X is resistant in carburizing and
nitriding atmospheres.


Due to its corrosion resistance in various atmospheres up to very high temperatures, and excellent high-temperaturestrength, ALLOY@X finds wide application in hightemperature service.

Typical applications areF

components for industrial and aircraft gas turbines
(combustion chambers, honeycombs, housings etc.)
industrial furnace parts, support rolls, grids, wire belts andradiant tubes
pigtails in petrochemical furnaces
high temperature gas cooled nuclear reactors